Diets Don't Work

We all know that the majority of dieters inevitably gain back all the weight they’ve lost and more. Diet and exercise programs focus on calories in/ calories out. The motivation to take care of yourself is a positive, but diets do not work. Long term, lasting change requires an adjustment in thinking and behavior. Emotional eating is a coping mechanism, a survival tactic.  This self soothing technique is learned early in life to numb uncomfortable feelings. Dieting focuses on the external rather than the internal cues which fuel overeating. The repetitive cycle of gaining and losing weight leads to feelings of hopelessness, shame, failure, and desperation.  In order to shift dysfunctional eating patterns, one must identify underlying experiences and belief systems that perpetuate emotional eating. Hypnotherapy is a non-diet approach which leads to improved self esteem, self acceptance, and balanced, healthy eating.

The Myth of the Diet

Diets don’t work. By shifting your focus from a specific food plan to a lifestyle change, you can achieve optimal health. Most people stick to a diet plan for 6 weeks before they return to old familiar patterns of binge eating. In most cases, this culminates in gaining back the weight they initially lost plus more. Hypnotherapy helps to reduce cravings naturally, shifting the focus from dieting to a lifestyle of health, wellness, and self care.

The New Normal

There is no “One Size Fits All” standard of beauty. Fifty years ago, societal standards of beauty were quite different.  The image of beauty is ever changing and the key to feeling comfortable in your skin is finding appreciation for who you are and what unique qualities make you different. Hypnotherapy opens your eyes to your inner beauty, your gifts, and your talents. Acknowledging your beauty from the inside out can have a monumental impact on the caliber of your life.

Healthy Over Skinny

Health is your best asset and can only be attained through high quality choices and a commitment to your own well being. Self care is not selfish. By creating healthy patterns of eating you will slowly begin to feel your vibrancy from within. Always prioritize health over the attainment of a certain physique. Nourishing foods, a sustainable exercise regimen, and overall self care are critical factors in becoming the best version of you.

I went to see Gabriella to address some long-standing body image and emotional eating issues. She expertly walked me through some memories in a way that gave me a totally new insight into my issues. . It was a relaxing and safe environment. In the month since my session, I have been able to go on a date, wear a swimsuit at the beach and embrace my femininity in a way I was unable to do before our session. I have also been making healthy food at home and my food cravings are totally gone.

Megan, 42
San Diego, Ca.

I had a Skype appointment with Gabriella a few months ago. I was suffering for many years with my weight and unable to stay on any diet for more than a few months. I was at my heaviest when I had my session with Gabriella and I am so happy with my results. My cravings for chocolate late at night disappeared and I don't think about food all the time. I also notice that my jeans are loose and I am more comfortable wearing dresses and skirts. Thank you Gabriella!

Isabella, 28
Galicia, Spain

I can not say enough about the incredible impact that Gabriella’s work has had on my life. I have tried hypnotherapy before and had zero benefits. I was blown away by Gabriella’s comprehensive approach. I felt so safe, heard, and respected. I never thought I could be hypnotized as deeply as I was during our session. Since then I have felt so much confidence, almost zero cravings, and a freedom I have only dreamed of. I would highly recommend Gabriella to any woman looking to overcome struggle, addiction, and self-image issues.

Darby, 32
Encinitas , Ca.

I was considering a gastric bypass surgery when a good friend suggested that I have a consultation with Gabriella before making any major decisions about surgery. After 2 appointments I feel like a different person. I don't overeat when I am stressed out at work anymore and somehow my sugar cravings are gone!

Anne, 35
Los Angeles, Ca.

My mom signed me up for a session with Gabriella on Zoom and I loved it! I've lost 12 pounds so far! This works!

Paula, 16
New York, NY

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