According to a scientific article in the US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health, approximately 50% of bariatric patients experienced weight regain after 24 months of surgery. If you struggle with obesity, hypnotherapy can be a valuable tool as overeating is a psychological issue and must be treated as such.  A large percentage of bariatric patients gain weight post surgery because 90% of automatic behaviors like emotional eating are triggered by subconscious programming.  While most post-op recovery plans stress the importance of  managing food intake, this is a complex issue. Stress, relationships, fears, habits, self esteem, and familiar associations to food and comfort play a major role and must be addressed for long term change. Every habit of action is run by a habit of thought. Incorporating hypnotherapy into your recovery plan can create new positive thoughts and behaviors around your response to food, self-image, and overall self care.

Food Intake

Bariatric surgical procedures cause weight loss by restricting the amount of food the stomach can hold. If you are an emotional eater this can cause severe health complications as the stomach can no longer accommodate large quantities of food post surgery. Hypnotherapy can play a vital role in supporting the ability to follow nutritional guidelines for a healthy recovery process.

Stay on Track

Whether you choose to undergo Gastric Bypass Surgery, Sleeve Gastrectomy, Adjustable Gastric Band, or Biliopancreatic Diversion with Duodenal Switch (BPD/DS), you can continue to make your health and healing a priority by incorporating Hypnotherapy into your recovery program. This powerful methodology will rewire your response to food and enable you to stay on track with your long term weight reduction goals.

Internal Cues

If you struggle with obesity, heart disease, high blood pressure, or other health conditions you may decide to pursue bariatric surgery. If this is the right solution for you it is imperative that you also treat the internal cues that trigger compulsive overeating. Hypnotherapy will give you tools to replace old associations and beliefs that connect eating to comfort. This transformative approach will heal your relationship with food, improve self image, and support long term recovery.

I went to see Gabriella to address some long-standing body image and emotional eating issues. She expertly walked me through some memories in a way that gave me a totally new insight into my issues. . It was a relaxing and safe environment. In the month since my session, I have been able to go on a date, wear a swimsuit at the beach and embrace my femininity in a way I was unable to do before our session. I have also been making healthy food at home and my food cravings are totally gone.

Megan, 42
San Diego, Ca.

I had a Skype appointment with Gabriella a few months ago. I was suffering for many years with my weight and unable to stay on any diet for more than a few months. I was at my heaviest when I had my session with Gabriella and I am so happy with my results. My cravings for chocolate late at night disappeared and I don't think about food all the time. I also notice that my jeans are loose and I am more comfortable wearing dresses and skirts. Thank you Gabriella!

Isabella, 28
Galicia, Spain

I can not say enough about the incredible impact that Gabriella’s work has had on my life. I have tried hypnotherapy before and had zero benefits. I was blown away by Gabriella’s comprehensive approach. I felt so safe, heard, and respected. I never thought I could be hypnotized as deeply as I was during our session. Since then I have felt so much confidence, almost zero cravings, and a freedom I have only dreamed of. I would highly recommend Gabriella to any woman looking to overcome struggle, addiction, and self-image issues.

Darby, 32
Encinitas , Ca.

I was considering a gastric bypass surgery when a good friend suggested that I have a consultation with Gabriella before making any major decisions about surgery. After 2 appointments I feel like a different person. I don't overeat when I am stressed out at work anymore and somehow my sugar cravings are gone!

Anne, 35
Los Angeles, Ca.

My mom signed me up for a session with Gabriella on Zoom and I loved it! I've lost 12 pounds so far! This works!

Paula, 16
New York, NY